PE kit, sweatshirts and ties are part of the compulsory uniform of the school. We are able to obtain these items at reasonable cost by bulk buying. Items are available to try on in the school office.

T-Shirts (Gold)  
Size 22 - 32 £7.00
Size 34 and 36 £8.00
Sweatshirts (Black/Gold Logo)  
Size 5/6 £10.00
Size 7/8 £10.00
Size 9/10 £10.00
Size 11/12 £10.00
Size 12/13 £10.50
Size 13 £10.50
Fleece Jackets (Black/Gold Logo)  
Size 5/6 £14.00
Size 7/8 £14.00
Size 9/10 £14.00
Size 11/12 £14.00
Size 13 £14.00
Size S/M/L £17.00
Waterproof Jackets (Black/Gold Logo)  
Size 7/8 £12.50
Size 9/10 £12.50
Size 11/12  £12.50 
Book Bags £5.00
PE Bags £4.50
School Tie £4.00
Swimming Hat £3.00
Water Bottle £1.00
Lanyards £1.00
Berol Pen £1.00
Ruck Sack £12.00
Cardigans £12.00






























School uniform is compulsory. We have chosen clothing which is readily available from most stores, so that parents can take advantage of any special offers. Ties, sweatshirts, fleeces and PE T-shirts can be purchased directly from the school, and are available at the school office. All clothing must be clearly marked with the owner's name.

The basic colours of the school uniform are grey, black and gold.

Skirt, Dress or Shalwar - Black Trousers - Black
Blouse - White Shirt - White
Black Sweatshirt with Gold School Logo Black Sweatshirt with Gold School Logo
Tie - Black and Gold Tie - Black and Gold
Shoes - Black Shoes - Black
School Fleece - Optional School Fleece - Optional

In the summer term, once the weather becomes warmer (usually after the half-term holiday) a plain white polo shirt with collar can be worn instead of a shirt and tie. Girls may wear yellow and white checked/striped dresses.

PE clothing is compulsory. All children will require:

Gold T-shirt with School Logo Gold T-shirt with School Logo
Shorts - Black Shorts - Black
Plimsolls or Trainers Plimsolls or Trainers
Tracksuit or Sweater Tracksuit or Sweater
Socks (not tights) Socks
(Leotard and footless tights may be worn)