Curriculum Statement


The Godolphin Junior School Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum that responds to the needs of the pupils and community served by the school. Our curriculum seeks to promote British values through explicit learning and teaching in subjects such as PSHE, RE and through class and school council meetings. These values including tolerance, respect, democracy and a sense of what it right and fair are also taught implicitly through other areas of the curriculum. Regardless of gender, disability, race or religion, pupils at Godolphin Junior School are safe, happy, aiming high and work together.

The National Primary Curriculum is followed by pupils and is based on:

  1. Within the Key Stage an emphasis of time is placed on the delivery and application of the core subjects of English and Mathematics in all Foundation subjects.
  2. Work for each subject follow National Curriculum guidelines.
  3. Foundation subjects are mostly taught through a cross curricular whole school thematic approach.
  4. In all areas efforts are made to ensure staff and pupil awareness of Health and Safety issues, which are further developed in the school’s Health and Safety Policy.
  5. Equality of access to the curriculum is ensured through the Equal Opportunities Policy, interventions, Educational and Health Care Plans and joint long and medium term planning. Access is monitored through moderation and scrutiny of work.
  6. Children are encouraged to follow up school work at home and to engage in simple research to support work in school.